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Sri Lanka: A bountiful paradise

From the turquoise blue waters of the southern beaches, over the mighty mountains and up to the vibrant Northern Provinces, Sri Lanka is a country that wins the heart of most who visit. With such a diverse landscape and happy, generous people it is no wonder so many choose to return year after year. We’ve highlighted some key information here for you – for further exploration of the country please see our recommended excursions.


Due to Sri Lanka’s location the break down in seasons is simply dry or wet. Claughton House is located on the Southern Coast and receives high rainfall from May to August. For more information please visit Accuweather


All tourists wishing to enter Sri Lanka must apply for an ETA (electronic travel authorisation) before boarding flights to the country. Please see for more information and to apply.


Most locals speak English to at least an elementary standard, especially in tourist areas, and English is considered one of the main languages. The most widely spoken languages are Sinhala and Tamil.

Cultural sensitivity

Please be aware that this predominately Buddhist country is conservative by western standards and naturally you’ll want to respect this.

Sri Lanka is approximately 70% Buddhist, 12.6% Hindu, 9.7% Muslim and 7.6% Christian.


International dialing code: +94

Electricity: 220-240 V

Driving: generally the bigger the vehicle the more right of way. Left hand side



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